What is the Difference Between a Chipper and a Shredder?

Chipper and Shredder on two identical signs. What is the difference?

At the Garden Shredder Review, we are often asked, “What is the difference between a Chipper and a Shredder”.  The answer might surprise you. Garden Chippers and Shredders are the same thing.  In the US the term Chipper is more common though Shredder is also used.  In the UK the name Shredder is more common. […]

Best Quiet Garden Shredder

Ear defenders may be required depending on garden tools - decibels levl

The 5 Best Quiet Garden Shredders Welcome to our roundup review of the Five Best Quiet Garden Shredders you can buy right now. Quiet shredders are designed to dispose of predominantly woody branches and clippings. As such, they fill a different niche to their noisier brethren – impact or rotary shredders – which are designed […]

The 5 Best Impact Garden Shredders 2019

Man in garden thinking of buyinng and impact garden shredder

The 5 Best Impact Garden Shredders 2019 In the early days of this site we always had a ‘Best 5 Impact Garden Shredders’ page.  The number might vary – but we always tried to provide a comparison. For a while we stopped updating this page.  It seemed that the machines offered by most manufacturers were […]

How Turbine Cut Garden Shredders Work

Picture of an aircraft turbine engine with title: Turbine Cut Garden shredder

Everything You Should Know About How Turbine Cut Garden Shredders Work Turbine Cut Garden Shredders are Bosch’s answer to efficiently dealing with both woody and soft garden cuttings. The Bosch AXT 25TC is Bosch’s flagship electric garden shredder.  It uses a ‘turbine cutting’ system that is meant to be equally at home shredding soft stemmed, […]

How Quiet Garden Shredders Work

Bosch-AXT-25D - Best Quiet Garden Shredder

Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Quiet Garden Shredder Knowing how Quiet Garden Shredders work is a useful part of helping you chose the shredder that is right for you.  There is a perception that machines that rotate speeds as low as 40 RPM cannot be as good as the impact shredders that rotate […]

Types of Electric Garden Shredder

3 Garden Shredders - Impact,, Quiet, Turbine Cut

Types of Electric Garden Shredder If you are confused by all the names and types of electric garden shredder on the market – take heart – you are not alone. We have done more detailed explanations of the different sorts of technology used in separate posts – please follow the links if this is what […]

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Review

Fine Garden Shreddings from an impact garden shredder

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Review Best Impact Garden Shredder 2019 Read our Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 review. In our opinion it is still the best impact garden shredder you can buy today. Judging by the Amazon reviews the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 is just about the most popular Electric Garden Shredder in the UK.  It […]

How Impact Garden Shredders Work

Bosch AXT2200 Rapid Impact Shredder

Understanding how impact garden shredders work is a great asset in your search for the garden shredder that is right for you and you garden. Impact Shredders – Cutting Mechanism The mechanism used by an impact shredder -also known as rotary or rapid shredder – is the simplest of all garden shredders. Impact shredders use […]

Garden Shredder Questions – FAQ

Topiary Question Mark

Frequently Asked Garden Shredders Questions Over the years we have collated a collection of the Frequently Asked Garden Shredder Questions.  In truth, most of the questions would be answered if we used the American name and called all these machines ‘chippers’.  Garden Shredders are designed to chop up woody clippings.  The most common type of […]

Compare Electric Garden Shredders

3 Garden Shredders - Impact,, Quiet, Turbine Cut

The Best Electric Garden Shredders – Comparison You are going to need to closely compare electric garden shredders before you make your decision on which one is right for you and your garden. We have constructed the table below to help you in making your choice.  It’s intended as a start point.  There is a […]