Bosch AXT 25D Quiet Shredder

The Bosch AXT 25D quiet shredder is the third most reviewed garden shredder on Amazon. It has not been around as long as the most popular shredder – its stable mate the AXT Rapid 2200 – but still receives 164 reviews and an average 3.2 star rating.

This rating is below the threshold we normally use for reviewing shredders.  It retains its place in this review for 3 reasons:

  •  It’s the latest version of the shredder we own.  After almost 10years of use and abuse it is still going strong
  • When we first reviewed it it got a good, solid 4.1 stars.  In recent times there have been a flood of 1 star reviews which we find a bit suspicious
  • It’s still the best quiet shredder you can buy

As with all quiet shredders the 25D uses a cut and crush system.  Shredding or chipping takes place as the teeth on the cog rotate towards the fixed striking plate on the side of the shredder.  As the cog rotates it digs in and pulls any woody material through the shredder. 

The relatively slow rotation of the toothed cog wheel makes it much quieter than any impact shredder.

The negative reviews primarily concern the setting up of the cutter, and, the collection bin.  More on both later.

Let’s take a look at the good and the bad – but first, the technical details.

Technical Details

2Motor2500 Watt Induction
3Shredding MechanismQuiet
Toothed wheel and striking plate
4Max diameter that can be cut40mm
5Collection box capacity53 litres
6Cable length5mNot bad but you will still need a heavy duty, outdoor extension lead, outdoor extension lead
7Other featuresPatented detachable hopper for fast, convenient feeding and compact storageAs a safety device the shredder won’t operate without the collection box installed
8Folds down for storage
10Guarantee/Warranty2yrs parts and labourExtendable to 3years when registering the shredder

The touch pad control panel prevents blocking via its “pulse” reverse mechanism, making the shredder easier to operate and control.

Is it Any Good?

The Good

This is the one of the most powerful shredders we have seen.  It has 2,500W motor power – and it shows.  Bosch power trains, in all their products, are first class – this shredder is no different.

In use it copes with anything you throw at it without slowing down and without appreciable difference in noise level.  The only time we have known it to jam is when we have really abused it.  It is sold as a quiet shredder and even under very heavy load you can easily have a normal conversation while stood next to it.  Not something you can say of any rapid shredder.

Speed of shredding is very important.  Just look at the throughput figure above – 190kg per hour.  That is more than twice the amount the AXT2200 rapid can manage.  This throughput is truly amazing for an electric shredder but we doubt it is physically possible to feed material through the hopper to achieve that speed of shredding.

The AXT 25D loves the work that make most impact shredders cringe.  Hard woody waste, right up to the maximum rated size, is chipped effortlessly.  Smaller branches are an absolute breeze.

The self feeding action works flawlessly.  There is no need to strip all the smaller branches of larger branches.  If the main branch fits into the hopper it will be pulled in, side branches, leaves and all.  It really does look like a tree growing backwards. 

There are mixed feelings about the collection box.  On the one hand, a built-in 53 litres of storage is quite convenient.  On the other hand, crushed waste tends to come out of the shredder almost like a continuous pillar.  If it isn’t manually distributed around the container it pretty quickly backs up and causes the shredder to cut out.  More on the collection box later.

If blockages do occur the ‘pulse reverse mechanism’ is pretty effective on shifting the green wedges that crusher shredders have so much difficult shifting.  Just watch out for any bigger knots in any branches.  As mentioned, the self feed mechanism is pretty effective and will pull knots into the hopper pretty firmly.  When this happens it can be a bit difficult to clear.

The AXT 25D majors quite strongly on safety.  There is no room for little fingers to get inside when it is operating.  It won’t operate at all without the collection box in place which, while it can cause problems with keeping your shredding going, is a major step forward in garden shredder safety.

The Not so Good

The biggest grumble about this shredder used to be all about the collection box. There are now quite a lot of negative reviews that relate to the shredding mechanism itself.

The collection box is part of the shredder’s safety features and it cannot be operated if the collection box is not securely in-place. One or two users report having difficulty positioning the collection box correctly.  As the shredder won’t operate unless the box is properly attached this can be a problem.

Unfortunately, crushed shreddings don’t tend to ‘flow’ to fill the container without some manual intervention.  This means they can build up quickly and cause the machine to stop.  You only need to remove the collector box and distribute the waste more evenly to carry on shredding but remembering to do this can be a bit of a chore.

The more serious complaints about the shredder simply not doing its job are more concerning.  In our experience the mechanism works perfectly for predominantly woody waste.  Unfortunately, as impressive as the self feed mechnism is in operation, it does cause a problem.  As the branches are pulled through the hopper any remaining leaves are stripped off.  These leaves lodge in the hopper and get compacted as more branches and other woody waste is pulled through and shredded.  The leaves get compacted and form a very solid, green wedge that can easily jam the mechanism.

There have been increasing reports of the cutter/striking plate mechanism not being properly set up when the shredder is shipped.  The gap between the crusher cog and the striking plate is critical for good operation.  If Bosch really are shipping without the machine being set-up correctly it is a major fault.  Adjusting the mechanism is pretty easy when you know how but who reads the instructions first up anyway?

 At 32kg this is a pretty heavy machine.  You really don’t want to be moving it up and down steps too frequently either so you need to think about where it will be stored.  It is a bit top heavy too so it can be unstable when being moved (it’s rock solid when being used for shredding).  Despite Bosch’s claims, we think this shredder is probably not suited to anyone who isn’t reasonably strong.

Should you buy it?

I confess to a little bias here.  I own and regularly use the AXT 25D’s predecessor which works brilliantly. 

Is it right for you though?

If your requirement is to shred predominantly woody waste, right up to the 40mm maximum diameter, and you have a medium to large garden, then the AXT 25D remains a brilliant choice.

If your requirement is to shred predominantly green, leafy waste this is not the model for you.  You should look at the Bosch AXT 2200 rapid.

In all honesty – if you are going to spend this much on a shredder I would stretch a little further and purchase our top choice for 2019 – the Bosch AXT 25TC.

Quiet Shredders - The top alternatives

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