The Best Electric Garden Shredders – Comparison

You are going to need to closely compare electric garden shredders before you make your decision on which one is right for you and your garden.

We have constructed the table below to help you in making your choice.  It’s intended as a start point.  There is a huge range of shredders on the market.  From time to time there are some fantastic deals with quite remarkable reductions in prices.  By shopping around you can get some impressive bargains.

Bosch AXT 25DBosch AXT 2200Bosch AXT 25TC
TypeQuiet - crusher/cutterImpact - rotary blade. ChoppingTurbine Cut - Quiet
Best for ShreddingWoody materialGreen material. Smaller, soft clippingsWoody and green material
Rated Throughput (kg/hr)19090230
Power Rating (Watts)2,5002,2002,500
Max cutting size - diameter (mm)404045
Collection box (litre)53No53
Sound (dB*)8210789
Cable length (m)544
Weight (kg)321230.5
Guarantee2 years parts and labour - extendible to 3 years2 years parts and labour - extendible to 3 years2 years parts and labour - extendible to 3 years
SafetyInterlocking mechanism on the collection boxMotor overload/restart protectionInterlocking mechanism on the collection box
Number of Amazon reviews - Nov 2019164853289
Average customer review rating3.1 Stars3.8 Stars4.3 Stars
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* The decibel scale is logarithmic. An increase of around 3dB represents a doubling of sound intensity.  An increase of 6dB represents a doubling of the perceived volume. Rapid shredders are around 8-10 times as noisy as quiet shredders. Ear defenders are strongly recommended when using rapid/rotary shredders.