Garden Tools – Decibels Level Compared

Electric Garden Shredders - Garden Noise Levels

Most powered garden tools are inherently noisy.  This article takes a look at Garden Tools – Decibels levels. The aim is to try to give you a basis for understanding just how intrusive and noisy different garden machinery can be. Decibels Noise levels are measued in decibels.  An explanation of the decibel scale is beyond […]

Garden Shredder Sound Levels

Hardhat with visor and ear defenders

Garden shredded sound levels vary greatly between impact shredders, quiest shredders and on to Turbine Cut Shredders. Not all manufacturers publish sound figures so a common question on Garden Shredders is, “Just how noisy are Shredders and do I need to be using ear protection?” As responsible citizens the answer is easy – “Yes, wear […]