Garden Shredder Sound Levels

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Garden shredded sound levels vary greatly between impact shredders, quiest shredders and on to Turbine Cut Shredders. Not all manufacturers publish sound figures so a common question on Garden Shredders is, “Just how noisy are Shredders and do I need to be using ear protection?”

As responsible citizens the answer is easy – “Yes, wear ear, eye and hand protection whenever you use any garden machinery”. There is a bit more to it than that of course.

Rapid Shredders

All rapid shredders are noisy. It is a feature of the way in which they work. A high speed motor, driving a high speed rotating blade which chops into the clippings you put in the Shredder is a recipe for lots of noise.

We include noise levels for some of the most popular rapid shredders below.

NameShredderNoise Level
Bosch AXT 2200Garden Shredder Sound Levels 1Garden Shredder Sound Levels 3107
Einhell GH-KS 2440Garden Shredder Sound Levels 5Garden Shredder Sound Levels 7 112
Dirty Pro Tools 2500Garden Shredder Sound Levels 9Garden Shredder Sound Levels 11111
TackLife PWSO2AGarden Shredder Sound Levels 13Garden Shredder Sound Levels 15105

To understand just how noisy these machines are requires an understanding of the decibel (dB) scale. That is beyond this web site but we have provided a bunch of links out to more detailed explanations elsewhere.

For this post we have created the comparative table below. You can see that rapid shredders fit right in the middle of the red, dangerous zone.

HSE law is that anyone working in an environment where the sound level is above 85dB should always wear ear protection. For most of us, short exposure to sound at this level will not cause lasting harm. However, exposure to sound in the 105-112dB range could cause hearing damage in as litttle exposure as 2minutes per day.

NoiseAverage decibels (dB)NotesGarden Shredder Review
Leaves rustling, soft music, whisper30Normal, background sounds
Average home noise, refrigerator hum40
Normal conversation, background music60
Office noise, inside car at 60 mph70More noticeable sound.
Vacuum cleaner, washing machine75
Heavy traffic, noisy pub, power lawn mower80-85Bosch AXT 25TC, Turbine Cut Shredder
Hand held hair dryer85-90Very noticeable sounds. Hearing protection is mandatory for people employed within areas with level of soundBosch AXT 25D Quiet Shredder
Petrol lawn mower90–95
GoKart, motorcycle96–100
Sporting events, premier league football crowd101–105Potentially Dangerous. Hearing loss can occur with relatively short exposureVanHaus 3-in-1 Leaf Mulcher - estimated
TackLife PWS02 rapid
Chainsaw, leaf blower106–115Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid
Einhell GH-KS Rapid
Dirty Pro Tools 2500W rapid
Timberwolf 1375G Petrol Shredder - 111dB
Rock concert, sound next to fire alarms120–129
Gun shot, loud fireworks140

There is only one sensible answer – “Wear ear protection if you are using any rapid shredder”