Choosing a Garden Shredder that is right for you and your garden​

The Garden Shredder Review provides you with all the information you need to buy the garden shredder that is right for you and your garden.

Choosing a shredder can be difficult. Shredders use a wide range of technologies with widely differing prices. Finding the one that is right for you depends on:

  • The type of garden clippings you want to shred
  • Size of garden
  • Budget

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Best Garden Shredders of 2019

The purpose of this site is to help you carry out your own personal garden shredder review.  We provide lots of information on types of shredder and the technologies they use. We also help you take a look at your garden from a shredding view point.  Putting your garden together with the capabilities of shredders will help you decide which shredder is best for you.

To help you get started – here are our Top 3 Electric Garden Shredders for 2019

The Best Electric Garden Shredder of 2019

Bosch AXT 25TC (Turbine Cut)


  • Cuts just about any sort of garden clippings
  • Enormous throughput – 230kg/hr
  • Cuts branches up to 45mm – that is getting up to small log size
  • Reasonably quiet – 89dB
  • 2years parts and labour warranty


  • Price – it’s expensive
  • Not much else

Best Impact Shredder 2019

Bosch AXT 2200

Bosch AXT2200 Rapid Impact Shredder
Bosch AXT2200


  • Cuts up to 40mm diameter
  • Copes with most types of small, soft green clippings
  • Large capacity hopper for quicker feeding
  • 90kg/hr throughput
  • Lightweight – 12kg
  • 853 reviews on Amazon – 3.8 stars


  • Blade life not great – still better than practically any other impact shredder
  • Noise – 105dB – that is pretty noisy
  • No self-feeding mechanism
  • No collection box

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Best Quiet Shredder 2019

Bosch AXT 25D

Bosch AXT 25D - Best Quiet Shredder 2019
Bosch AXT 25D


  • Cuts up to 40mm diameter with ease
  • Great for larger, tougher, woody clippings
  • 190kg/hr throughput
  • Self feeding mechanism
  • Very quiet.  88dB. You can have a conversation next to this shredder while it is in use.


  • Jams a bit too easily with any sort of softer, green clippings
  • Needs to be well set-up to shred well
  • Recent spate of 1-star reviews on Amazon

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Other Makes of Shredder

Bosch features strongly on this web site.  That is not deliberate.  It is just that in our reviews the Bosch machines provide the most innovative and all encompassing range of electric garden shredders on sale in the uk today. Over the last few years we have seen Bosch shredders come to dominate the market.  Happily, other manufacturers are now providing better machines.

In the past we have included reviews on shredders from Ryobi, Qualcast and Draper. We are currently monitoring, and considering reviews on, machines from The Handy, Task Life, Einhell, Makita, Hilvert, Mountfield, Stihl and Worx. 

Many of these makes may be well worth your attention – particularly if you can find a good deal.  If you sign up for our free guide

We have summarised some of the more popular alternatives on the bottom of the review pages.

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