Garden Shredder Hire Can Be a Viable Alternative to Buying

Here, on the Garden Shredder Review, we are dedicated to helping people buy ‘a garden shredder that is right for your and your garden’.  As the question about Garden Shredder Hire comes up so often we decided to do a bit of research.  The answers were a little surprising.

In this article we are going to look at:

Where Can I Hire a Garden Shredder

Just before we get started – hire companies often use the terms Garden Shredder, Garden Chipper and Wood Chipper interchangeably.  There is no difference though we prefer the term ‘Chipper’ to ‘Shredder’. You might like to take a look at this article to see why.

Chipper and Shredder on two identical signs. What is the difference?

No surprise here – yes you can hire garden shredders.   A simple google search shows several national hire companies as well as numerous more local providers.  If you can’t find anything in your area, try broadening your search to include Garden Chipper Hire, Wood Chipper Hire and even, Mulcher Hire.

We contacted 4 of the biggest, National tool hire companies:

All of them have garden shredders to hire with ready availability in major cities.  If, like me, you live out in the sticks, you may have to travel quite some distance to find a shredder.  This may create a problem. 

All the machines available to hire are petrol models.  The lightest weighs in at 59kg. The heaviest weighs almost 190kg.

Unless you have a pickup or a van, you are going to need the hire centre to deliver to you.  The need for delivery can change both the availability (hire centre may have machines available but are unable to deliver on the dates you need), and the price.  Make sure you factor in any additional delivery charges when choosing the shredder for you.

Types of Shredders for Hire

The range of machines was pretty limited.  All were petrol starting with a pretty basic Camon C51.  The most popular machine offered for hire is Timberwolf 1375G.  The Timberwolf is designed for the professional gardener so it should be a good choice for coping with anything from your garden.

The Camon C51 is offered by HSS.  It is a 5.5HP (4100W) machine.  It is a gravity fed, impact shredder recommended for fairly light work.  Able to cope with branches up to 50mm (2inch) diameter, the Camon would probable suit dealing with some limited tree surgery in a medium sized garden.

As we have mentioned, the Timberwolf is the machine most offered by the national hire centres.  The 1375G is actually the smallest of the Timberwolf Shredder range.  Nevertheless, it is definitely a professional/commercial offering. 

The TimberWolf uses a 13HP, 4 stroke motor.  It is designed to cope with branches up to 75mm (3in) in diameter.  If you can feed it fast enough, its throughput is quoted as up to 750kg/hr.  That is more than 3 times the throughput of our favourite electric garden shredder – the Bosch AXT 25TC which manages a respectable 230kg/hr.

Look at the video below of the Timberwolf in operation.  As you can see, it should be able to deal with anything that even a large domestic garden is likely to produce.

Other machines are available for hire but we chose the Camon and the Timberland to give you a flavour of what you should look for.

How Much Does Garden Shredder Hire Cost?

Garden Shredder Hire costs are generally quoted as starting at about £100/day at the lower end rising to about £130/day for the larger machines.  Hire companies will generally quote a much cheaper rate for 2nd and subsequent day’s hire.

You will usually find rates quoted for weekend and full week hire. A weekend will cost around £150-180.

You should not pay the quoted rates.  All the hire companies we reviewed offer substantial discounts of 50% or more.  If you are looking online and don’t see a discount, you should give the company a call.  You will be able to work out a deal.

As we mentioned earlier, petrol shredders/chippers are pretty heavy machines.  You are likely need them delivering to you.  Make sure that delivery costs are factored into your hire rate.

Issues with Petrol Shredders/Chippers

Petrol shredders are great.  They tend to be reliable, can work all day, and can cope with much more throughput than the smaller (cheaper) electric models we review on the Garden Shredder Review.  If you are not used to dealing with big, heavy, petrol garden machinery there are a few things that you need to consider:

We strongly recommend using good personal protective equipment when using a petrol shredder. Normal gardening gloves should be fine. Something like the Wolf helmet, visor and ear defenders should work well too.

Wolf Safety Hard Hat Combination Helmet Set with Protective Ear Defender Guard and Face Visor EN352-3 EN397 EN1731
  • Perfect to protect you from potential injuries when operating garden power tools
  • Features adjustable head harness, padded brow strap and chin strap
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  • It is essential to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when using power tools

Alternatives to Hiring a Shredder

Garden shredder hire makes sense if:

There are obviously other reasons too. 

Just to give some balance – here are 3 alternatives to hiring a garden shredder:

Hire a Local Contractor

In my region I have lots of contractors that will come in and take away this sort of waste.  The big advantage is the amount of effort required in feeding a shredder.  It is not easy work.  For the cost of a couple of days shredder hire you can probably get all of you waste taken away (and properly disposed of).

I like this option as it keeps money in the local economy rather than paying out to a national company.

Buy a Shredder

Buying an electric garden shredder is worth it for most people.

If you don’t have huge amounts of waste – and particularly if you are going to be regularly needing a shredder – it can be cheaper to buy a shredder.  For low volumes of waste, you could buy an electric impact shredder for as little as £70 (see our impact shredder review for examples).

For bigger regular jobs you can by our best buy garden shredder – the Bosch AXT25TC for just over £400.  That should handle the requirements of most medium to a large gardens.

Borrow a Shredder

Too obvious really.  Is it worth asking around to see if a friend or colleague has a shredder they are willing to loan you?

Form a Gardening Cooperative

Forming a gardening cooperative is a viable alternative for anyone who is likely to want occasional but regular access to garden machinery (not just chippers or shredders). 

The concept is simple.  A group of gardeners club together to but machinery.  You then can use the machinery or tool as you need it.  A cooperative can work well where one of the group has lots of shed space for storage.

The economics are also quite simple.  A 5.5HP garden shredder/chipper will cost around £800.  If you have 5 members and you each use the machine for 2-days in a year, the effective cost is £80/day.  This is a lot less than the headline hire rate.

Even with the heavily discounted hire rates you are likely to find, purchasing a shredder between a group of 5 gardeners will easily pay for itself inside of 2 years.  You will even have some money left over for maintenance/repairs.


We mentioned there were one or 2 surprises in our introduction.  The first is that garden shredders are readily available to hire – at least from the big hire shops. 

The second surprise is that the only machines for hire are petrol engine.  Petrol gives the power to cope with a wide range of landscaping and land clearing tasks.  It’s just that they are big, heavy machines that will be overkill for smaller jobs.

The biggest tip from this whole article is – always ask for a discount.  To do that you just might need to pick up the phone to haggle.

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