Which are the Best Secateurs?

Which are the Best Secateurs? 1

Secateurs are small garden pruning shears intended for use with one hand. Discover which are the best secateurs for you and you will have a vital garden tool you are likely to use almost every day. The word secateurs is from the french – see video below for pronunciation guide. In this post we are […]

What Are The Best Tree Loppers?

2 bypass lopper cutters. Trying to answer - What Are The Best Tree Loppers

Tree Loppers are a great tool for cutting and preparing branches prior to feeding them to your garden shredder. If you know what are the best tree loppers, you will have a tool that will last you for years. Just as with many other garden tools, choosing tree loppers is not as easy as it […]

Anvil Vs ByPass Secateurs and Loppers – Why you Should Care

2 bypass cut loppers with 2 anvil cut secateurs. Anvil Vs ByPass Secateurs and Loppers – Why you Should Care

This is a short post that about the relative merits of Anvil vs Bypass Secateurs and Loppers – and why you should care. It turns out that Anvil and Bypass cutters are designed to fulfill specific, different gardening requirements. If you are in the market for either new secateurs (hand pruners to our American friends) […]

Winter – Best Time to Prune Deciduous Trees

Maple in Autumn. Ready for pruning in late winter

When to Prune Deciduous Trees Winter is the best time to prune deciduous trees. There are som exceptions but, for most trees, late winter is great. As I said in the about us page – I am not a gardener. My role is usually the heavy lifting stuff like pruning and digging. I strongly suggest […]