What Has Happened to Tacklife on Amazon?

What has happened to Tacklife on Amazon

Some weeks ago I received a query from a reader asking where he could purchase TackLife Garden Shredders. At first glance his question was perplexing – The Garden Shredder Review is basically an Amazon review site. Of course you can buy on Amazon. The question was doubly troubling as, as you probably know, we were/are […]

Buying a Petrol Garden Shredder

Buying a petrol shredder - time to upgrade

For many years the Garden Shredder Review has concentrated on Electric Garden Shredders. That has worked great, but it is becoming increasingly clear that more people are interested in the flexibility and power offered by petrol powered shredders. When buying a petrol garden shredder there are a few things to look out for. This post […]

Are Garden Shredders Worth It?

Are Garden Shredders Worth it - picture of woman using a shredder

Deciding “if an electric garden shredder is worth it” is very easy. If you have a garden with hedges, a few bushes, and a few ornamental trees then a garden shredder is definitely “worth it”. You are going to see the value in: Reduced trips to the tip Less damage to your car from prickly, […]

Rapid Composting: The Perfect Partner to Your Garden Shredder

Cupped hands full of home made compost

Rapid composting is a process of producing compost in 2-3 weeks.  Also known as ‘hot composting’, it is the perfect partner to make best use of your Garden Shredder Shreddings. For a complete guide to composting try this great kindle book Traditional, Cold Composting For most of us, making compost has traditionally been a process […]

Where to Buy a Garden Shredder

Women feeding spruce into garden shredder

Where to Buy a Garden Shredder: Homebase|B&Q|Argos|Screwfix|Aldi At the Garden Shredder Review we believe that Amazon is a great place to buy a garden shredder.  It’s worth considering the other major retailers such as: Homebase, B&Q, Argos, Screwfix and more.  It’s also worth visting your local specialist garden centres – particularly if you want to […]

How to Use a Garden Shredder

Tried and Trusted - Bosch AXT 2200HP. The predecessor to the AXT 25D

Learning how to use a garden shredder effectively is the key to good shredding performance, longer shredder life and low maintenance costs.  Using a shredder is very easy.  Unfortunately, this means they are also easy to abuse. The Garden Shredder User’s Charter I love my garden shredder.  It produces enough organic mulch to help prevent […]

Garden Shredder Hire

Pile of logs and cuttings for shredding

Garden Shredder Hire Can Be a Viable Alternative to Buying Here, on the Garden Shredder Review, we are dedicated to helping people buy ‘a garden shredder that is right for your and your garden’.  As the question about Garden Shredder Hire comes up so often we decided to do a bit of research.  The answers […]

What is the Difference Between a Chipper and a Shredder?

Chipper and Shredder on two identical signs. What is the difference?

At the Garden Shredder Review, we are often asked, “What is the difference between a Chipper and a Shredder”.  The answer might surprise you. Garden Chippers and Shredders are the same thing.  In the US the term Chipper is more common though Shredder is also used.  In the UK the name Shredder is more common. […]

How Turbine Cut Garden Shredders Work

Aircraft Turbine Engine

Everything You Should Know About How Turbine Cut Garden Shredders Work Turbine Cut Garden Shredders are Bosch’s answer to efficiently dealing with both woody and soft garden cuttings. The Bosch AXT 25TC is Bosch’s flagship electric garden shredder.  It uses a ‘turbine cutting’ system that is meant to be equally at home shredding soft stemmed, […]

How Quiet Garden Shredders Work

Bosch-AXT-25D - Best Quiet Garden Shredder

Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Quiet Garden Shredder Knowing how Quiet Garden Shredders work is a useful part of helping you chose the shredder that is right for you.  There is a perception that machines that rotate speeds as low as 40 RPM cannot be as good as the impact shredders that rotate […]