Some weeks ago I received a query from a reader asking where he could purchase TackLife Garden Shredders. At first glance his question was perplexing – The Garden Shredder Review is basically an Amazon review site. Of course you can buy on Amazon.

The question was doubly troubling as, as you probably know, we were/are big fans of the Tacklife PWS01A in particular.

Tacklife Now LSRL?

After a little research I found that the Tacklife shredders were still available on Amazon but were being marketed as LSRL PWS01A. Try as I might, I can find no information on LSR but the good news is that at the time of writing the PWS01A was available at a great price.

LSRL Garden Shredder 2500W, Silent Crushing Shredder, Adjustable Cutting Size, Max.45mm Capacity, 55L Collection Box, Shredders and Chippers with Transport Wheel
  • Turbo cutting system instead of rotating blades - high hardness steel eight blade speed 40rpm, can easily cut tough wood materials
  • Adjustable blade - maximum cutting diameter of 45mm
  • Safety - with multiple protections (waterproof body, overload protection, safety switch, interlock design)
  • Quiet and convenient - 55L large capacity collection box and less than 92dB low noise

So, What Has Happened to Tacklife?

Following a bit more digging I found more information on Waht has happened with Tacklife. It seems that Tacklife, along with a few other Chinese suppliers/manufaturers have quietly been removed from Amazon. No announcement has been made by Amazon but a number of posts refer to several companies being removed for offering inducements to write 5-star reviews.

This article from offers a very detailed explanation

Seems the crux of the matter is summed up in this short paragraph:

This unexpected disappearance coincides with the discovery of a plot to get fake reviews. The company Safety Detective revealed the leak of a database with emails and other information from users and companies that had agreed to positive comments on Amazon in exchange for free products.

It’s a global issue (or at least european) as this French article reveals.

For those who don’t read French, this article spends quite a bit of space talking about the importance of reviews. How, done right, it’s like getting opinions from our friends. Done wrong and it destroys all trust.

Who is LSRL?

As we mentioned earlier, we have not been able to find any information on LSRL. The seller on Amazon appears as AdamanT. Clicking through the seller link gets to a page for a Shenzen based company. Positively, there is also a GB VAT number stated. There is some prospect that the seller has at least a presence in the UK.

I have written to the seller asking for their version of events. I will update this article if I hear anything.

Should you Buy a LSRL Shredder

This is the real question. The LSRL PWS01A has been listed on Amazon since July 2021. In that time it has gained a number of highly positive reviews.

Trouble is, that’s where the whole problem sits. If Tacklife were procuring positive reviews how can we be sure the reviews on the LSRL listing are legitimate?

This is a question that hits right to the heart of the Garden Shredder Review. I started the site about 12years ago by publishing all of the research I had done to find a garden shredder that fitted my needs. As I say in the about page, I was appalled at the lack of good information available about Garden Shredders.

Over time, I have continued to add articles about Garden Shredders and associated tools and equipment. In some cases that is again just my own research into what’s good or bad. In many cases I have gone on to buy at least one of the tools I recommend.

Garden Shredders are big bits of kit. I have not actually had hands on for many of the bits of kit in my reviews. Instead, I have carefully reviewed customer reviews from around the internet. I have used my own knowledge and experience to sift what I believe to be good information from what I consider to be fluff or simply wrong. While Amazon plays a key part in that evaluation I do try to canvas views from across the internet (and not just from other UK review sites :-))

Over the years I think I can spot fake reviews pretty easily. Trouble is, I can’t be certain.

Cut to the Chase – LSRL Yes or No?

On balance, I will continue to recommend the LSRL PWS01A as a good quiet garden shredder. I have been recommending it as the best quiet garden shredder for well over a year now. There has been quite a bit of feedback in that time. All of it positive.

At the time of writing LSRL PWS01A was available for a little under £140. That is less than half the price of most competitors. It is less than a third of the price of our current best all round shredder – the Bosch AXT25TC.

I will keep a close eye on the situation and update this post but for now I think you are safe to buy the LSRL in place of the Tacklife.

Got to say – it is not a good position to reach.

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