TackLife PWS01A Review

TackLife PWS01A Quiet Garden Shredder Review

Updated for 2021.

The TackLife PWS01A is a powerful, quiet garden shredder.  With a 2500W motor, and cutting at just 40rpm, it is designed for woody waste up to 45mm in diameter. This it does, quietly and efficiently.

If you are in a hurry, I can summarise this review by just saying that the PWS01A is our current quiet shredder of the year.  It replaces the Bosch AXT 25D that had held that position for more than 5 years.  Take a look at this post to see our choice of the best garden shredders you can buy now.

Not only does the performance of the TackLife meet or beat that of the Bosch, it costs less than half the price.

In fact, we like this garden shredder so much that it almost tipped our long term champion – the Bosch AXT25TC of its top spot.

Cutting Mechanism

Just like all of the shredders we have reviewed, the PWS01A uses a ‘roller and drum’ cutting mechanism.  If you have read any of the previous reviews you know that I find this term misleading – for a better explanation take a look at our article on how quiet garden shredders work.

What sets the TackLife apart is the depth of the teeth on the roller.

TackLife PWS01A Cutting Gear
TackLife PWS01A Cutting Gear

From the picture you can see the TackLife roller has few teeth which are quite strongly angled from the axis of rotation.  The troughs between the teeth are deep which, combined with the angle of the teeth, mean the cutting edges are quite far apart. 

On the positive side, the depth of the trough means that the PWS01A is unlikely to jam due to soft green waste filling up the troughs and compacting. On other quiet shredders, once the troughs have filled with compacted waste the teeth can no longer dig in and cut.  Indeed, there are almost no reports of this shredder jamming in use.

On a slightly negative side, the distance between the cutting edges on the teeth is around 4cm.  That means your shreddings are going to be at least 4cm long.  To us this is not a problem but it may not suit all users.

Size of the Shredder Material Could be an Issue for Some

Table of Features

Feature Value Comment
1 Throughput Not quoted
2 Motor 2500 Watt Induction
3 Shredding Mechanism Quiet, Roller Drum
Toothed wheel and striking plate
4 Cutting Speed (rpm) 40Like all quiet shredders, the PWS01a relies on brute force to cut and shred.  It keeps the noise down but it does make for a heavy machine.
5 Max diameter that can be cut 40mm
6 Collection box capacity 60 litresOne of the larger collection boxes As a safety device common to all shredders with collection boxes, the shredder won’t operate without the collection box installed
7 Sound Level 92dBThis is 3dB (see this short article for a brief explanation on the decibel scale)more than the sound level quoted for the AXT25D.  In practice this machine doesn’t seem any noisier
8 Weight 29kgLighter than the Bosch AXT 25D
9 Guarantee/Warranty 2yrs Warranty card powered by TackLife Brand Services We have no insight into how this works. Tacklife also promise ‘Lifetime Technical Support’

Is it Any Good

As we have made the TackLife PWS01a our quiet garden shredder of the year for 2020, you will have guessed the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Like other quiet shredders, it is designed primarily for woody cuttings and clippings.  And it deals with this sort of waste very easily.  Take a look at the video below for a snapshot of this garden shredder in action.

What set this shredder apart was its ability to cope with softer, green waste.

That said, if you want to finely chop leaves or other soft cuttings you are better served by a cheaper, rotary shredder.  The Bosch Rapid 2200 is still our rotary/impact shredder of choice.  If you are looking for a cheaper option, you could take a look at the Einhell GH-KS 2440 or the Sun Joe UK-CJ601E

The Not So Good?

There is not a lot to say on the not so good column.  One reviewer commented he received a machine with a motor problem.  This was quickly resolved by TackLife customer services.  While it’s not good to receive a dead machine, getting the issue resolved quickly is a positive for the TackLife team.

A couple of people are not happy with the size of the final shredded material.  This is an obvious design trade off.  There are no reports of the machine jamming – probably because of the design of the teeth on the roller – but, as mentioned earlier, this is going to lead to larger shreddings.

We’ve also seen a complaint that the collection box doesn’t compact the shredder material and that the machine stops when the collection box is full.  All we can say is, “Empty your collection box more often”. The shredder has already reduced the volume of waste by between a factor of 10 to 15. Expecting the collection box to compact further is just silly.


The Tacklife PWS01A is not perfect.  We have yet to review a garden shredder that even comes close.  However, at this price point, and with this level of performance, the PWS01A is our “Best Quiet Garden Shredder of the Year 2020“. An award it retains for 2021. In fact, this machine comes within a whisker of displacing the Bosch AXT 25TC from the top or our rankings.

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