Winter – Best Time to Prune Deciduous Trees

Maple in Autumn. Ready for pruning in late winter

When to Prune Deciduous Trees Winter is the best time to prune deciduous trees. There are som exceptions but, for most trees, late winter is great. As I said in the about us page – I am not a gardener. My role is usually the heavy lifting stuff like pruning and digging. I strongly suggest […]

Garden Shredder Tips – How to Use Your Shredder to Get Rid of Brambles

Brambles with balck berries

Garden Shredder Tips This garden shredder tip concerns how you can use your shredder to reduce the menace of brambles in your garden. Autumn Garden Tidying It’s autumn again. We have been doing some much needed tidying up around the garden and have encountered more brambles than we would like. Here’s how we use our […]