Bosch AXT 2200 - Best Impact Shredder 2019

Judging by the Amazon reviews the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 is just about the most popular Electric Garden Shredder in the UK.  It has received over 850 customer reviews with 3.8 star rating – that’s more reviews than all the other shredders sold on Amazon put together. 

As one of the reviews puts it – “This Machine is the best one I have had”.

A Which review in November 2007 claimed it was, “the most efficient garden shredder we have ever tested”.  For me the fact that this shredder has been on sale since 2007 is also a testament to its popularity and reliability.  If it wasn’t any good Bosch would have pulled it off sale long ago.

So that’s it then?  With reviews like that there is no choice to make – the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 – Electric Shredder is the only one worth buying?

Not quite.  It’s great value for money but it may not be right for you.  Download our free guide for more informtion.

Let’s consider the good and the bad points. To get started we’ll take a look at some technical details.


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Technical Details

2Motor2200 Watt Bosch ‘Powerdrive’
3Shredding MechanismRotary – impact cutUnique, reversible blade gives extra life
4Max diameter that can be cut40mm
5Collection box capacityNot suppliedThe purpose made collection bags work really well with this shredder
6Cable length4mNot bad but you will still need a heavy duty, outdoor extension lead so you can easily move the shredder to where you want to do the shredding.
7Other features3,650rpm cutting
Leads to operating noise in the 103dB to 106dB
It rotates faster that most impact shredders. That’s why it works do well.
It really is noisy though.
9Guarantee/Warranty2yrs parts and labourExtendable to 3years when registering the shredder

What’s good, what’s not

The Good

The AXT copes with a very wide range of garden waste.  Even pretty big branches, right up to the claimed 40mm upper limit, are efficiently chopped into 1mm chips ideal for composting.  We’ve fed it a mixed diet of laurel, leylandii, apple, bramble, elm, plum, beech, rose, holly and pyracantha.  Everything gets chopped up neatly and efficiently.  Even the thorny stuff like brambles, holly and the particularly vicious pyracantha are reduced to such small pieces that the thorns are no longer an issue and the shredded waste is safe to handle.

The blades spin so fast that blockages are few and far between.  It will happily run for a couple of hours pretty much continuously and the only time blockages came was when we fed it clusters of very leafy branches.  Luckily the blockages are easily cleared so you can continue your shredding pretty quickly.

Other users comment that the Bosch AXT Rapid will block more quickly as the blades become blunt.  Keeping the blades sharp is an obvious requirement for maintaining optimum shredding efficiency.  The reversible blades mean that you can be back up and running quickly even once the blade becomes blunt.  However, the blades are not meant to be re-sharpened and once you have reversed the blade it will need replacing at a cost of £15 to £20.

Ear defenders are very much recommended – noise at around 103-105dB is well into the danger zone.  Obviously it gets noisier while it is chopping wood.  You might like to consider a quieter model if you have particularly sensitive neighbours.

There’s practically no assembly to do so you will be up and running in next to no time.  Most users claim they have the shredder out of the box and in use within about 5 minutes.

One of the most common questions we are asked about garden shredders is “what power rating should I go for?”  Motor power rating is only one consideration when comparing shredders but there is no doubt that this shredder is more than powerful enough.  Thee 2200 Watt Bosch ‘PowerDrive’ motor and that high rotational speed cope with most things that you are likely to throw at it.  Even with pretty large branches being fed the shredder doesn’t slow down that noticeably.

the Bosch AXT Rapid is not too heavy at 12kg.  It is certainly lighter than many of its competitors (and almost 20kg lighter than it’s younger stable mate – the AXT 25D) so you can get it in and out of your car pretty easily if needed.

We’ve already mentioned that the Bosch AXT Rapid has been around for a while.  It was designed and constructed to last – a particular Bosch trait.  Where problems do occur Bosch’s customer service is second to none.  You really can’t go wrong.


The not so good

About the only thing regularly criticised about this machine is some people complain about short blade life.  There are a minority of users that claim it is only fit for light duties and the blade will still go blunt far too quickly.

Looking after the blades is the key to getting good performance from any impact shredder.  You need to take care to avoid any abrasive material getting into the shredder (soil or small stones etc) as these will blunt the blades very quickly

The Bosch comes with “double sided, laser-cut precision blade delivers approximately 7 times more cutting power than conventional blade shredders”.  No idea what this means other than the double sided bit.  That means that you can turn the blades over and get twice the cutting life out of them.

When customers have complained to Bosch about any problems they all seem to have had their shredders replaced quickly and without question.  Bosch is renowned for their customer care.

Cable length is an umimpressive 4m.  For most practical purposes you are likely to need to use an extension lead.  Remember, that 2200W motor uses a fair bit of current.  You will need a heavy duty, 13amp fused, outdoor extension lead.  It’s a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience nevertheless.

Unlike the crusher style shredder the AXT 2200 doesn’t suck branches in – you need to feed them in by hand.  While this is not a major problem it can be a little slow and frustrating to use.  Conversely, impact shredders tend to be faster than crushers so what you lose on the time to feed you may well gain on the speed of shredding.

Bosch provides excellent customer service.  Complaints are dealt with quickly and several users comment on getting replacement models very quickly when they reported problems.

Should you buy it?

With the overwhelmingly positive reviews it would be difficult to advice anyone not to buy the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200.  The few quibbles are all around blades becoming blunt too quickly but there is some suggestion that Bosch had had a bad batch of blades which is now fully resolved.

Possibly the only questions are “Is your garden waste predominantly woody” and, “Do I want a quieter self feeding model?”  If so, take a look at our Bosch AXT 25 TC quiet shredder review.


Some alternatives your might like to consider

All of the impact shredders get good reviews.  They are all also cheaper than the Bosch. 
We continue to recommend the Bosch AXT 2200 based on its performance and longevity.